2020 Australia Day Ceremony in Ballan at the Mechanics Institute.

Featuring: The Moorabool Show Band and Claritude.

2019 Great Christmas Concert 8th December @ Underbank Park Bacchus Marsh

Featuring: Soprano Sofia Laursen Habel, The Moorabool Singers and The Moorabool Show Band

This was a fantastic afternoon of music, lots of food, ballon creations and a family atmosphere.

Last thing to load are the timpani.

2019 The Young Peoples Concert 15th September: A concert for the 'Young' and 'Young at Heart".

Featuring: Bacchus Marsh College vocal ensemble

Bacchus Marsh College vocal ensemble

2019 Cabaret Concert 6th April: A celebration of stage and screen

Featuring: Roger Lemke, Maxine Montgomery, Robert Barbaro and Honey Rouhani Barbaro

Robert Wrzaszcz tuning up the orchestra.

While Barry is giving words of wisdom to our soloists.

Tim and Keith on the double basses

Here is our bass and brass section. Always hidden at the back of the orchestra but they alway seem to make themselves heard.

Get to the gig early Barry said. The place was locked. We needed to keep ourself hydrated while we waited.

We figured he will know where to find us when the hard work needed to be done.

Rehearsals for the 6th of April concert 2019 at the Bacchus Marsh Baptist Church before the sound check happened at the Bacchus Marsh public hall.

2018 Christmas Concert 16th December: Sounds of Christmas

Featuring: Tomas dalton and The Gisborne Singers

Rehearsals for the 16th of December concert 2018.

The sound check happened at the Bacchus Marsh public hall.

2018 Masters of Classical Music 23rd September

Featuring: Elizabeth Campbell and the Kara Kara String Quartet

How much space does a percussion player need?

2018 Surprise Birthday Gig

Featuring: Barbara the birthday girl

2018 Concert in Cabaret 12th May: An Evening at the Proms

Featuring: Roger Lemke, pBones Trombone Quartet and the Ballarat Choral Society.

2017 Christmas Concert 17th December: Sounds of the Season

Featuring: Carolyn Bennett and the Geelong Handbell Choir

Barry rehearsing the soloists for the next gig.

Rehearsing at the Bacchus Marsh Grammar.